Attendance Conditions


Villiers Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 3AR

Telephone: 020 8401 6967 – Church Mobile: 07910 335 763

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Welcome to Kingston National Spiritualist Church

Covid-19 Regulations to keep us all safe as directed by the Spiritualist National Union

1. Social distancing and facial covering must be observed at all times

2. Movement around the church should be kept to a minimum

3. Contact details will be required

4. Please use the hand sanitizer located at entry and exit points

5. Anti-bacterial hand wash is also supplied in the toilets

6. Follow the one way system when entering and leaving the building

7. Chairs are placed at the appropriate distance apart. Please do not move them

8. The side room will be closed until further notice

Unfortunately anyone not abiding by the SNU regulations will be asked to leave the church.

Thank you for your co-operation. Let’s do this together and stay safe.