An invitation to Kingston Spiritualist Church members and associate members to an induction day at Croydon Church on Saturday 19th October at 10 am.

It is a requirement for all churches to invite all new and associate members to learn more about the churches, the various aspects of our religion and the structure of the SNU, along with an explanation of the philosophy of Spiritualism – before they sign the roll book.

Mr Seymore will be going through a number of topics and will happily invite questions from you to challenge his knowledge. He will try to complete the induction in about four hours so it might be advisable to bring a lunch with you.

Several churches have kindly been invited to attend in addition to Croydon members.

Mr Seymour hopes members will be able to attend in order to better understand our religion and our churches.

Croydon Spiritualist Church is located in Chatsworth Road, Croydon, CR0 1HE.