Natural healing has been known and practised for centuries, and while medical science has provided numerous cures there is a growing realisation that there are measurable benefits to be gained from natural healing. Complementary Healing methods are becoming more and more acceptable these days as people worry about the side-effects of modern medicines and seek to ease the stress in their lives.

Many people have heard of spiritual healing and imagine it to have deep religious connotations. In fact most of the people who have benefited from this form of healing have come from all walks of life and beliefs.

Those who have experienced healing often report a feeling of peace. Some feel a gentle warmth from the healer’s hands and many actually get relief from their condition – in some cases a problem which has been causing pain and discomfort for many years. Patients often ask for healing as a last resort, when all else has failed.

Recently EU legislation has come into force in the UK and it will become compulsory for all healers to hold a recognised qualification and relevant insurance. Our qualified healers will have had at least two years probationary training and during that time will have worked with all types of problems from back pain to severe illnesses. They will also have undertaken a verbal and written examinations.

A new patient will generally be asked a few questions about their particular problem before being invited for a healing session. There is one healer per patient and it will be explained to them how hands-on healing treatment will be carried out. There usually follows a period of about 10 minutes when the healer gently works on or around the patient. Many experience a feeling of deep relaxation. Relief often occurs either straight away or within the next few days.

Healing is a non-invasive and gentle treatment and if you would like to try it you are welcome to visit Kingston National Spiritualist Church.

Healing is by donation  and we suggest a minimum donation of £4 – Monday 8:45pm & Wednesday 2-3:45pm (last client 3:30pm)