Private Sittings


Private Sittings are usually held on the second Saturday morning of the month; please look out for the dates in  Special Events.
(N.B.: We do not hold Private Sittings in the same month as a Fayre or Dine with Spirit, nor in January, August and December).

The 2020 dates are as follows: TBA

We also have Private Sittings at our Fayres
Shorter readings are included in the ticket price of Dine with Spirit 

Private Sittings cost £20 for a 30 minute sitting. 

You can telephone the secretary to see if there are any vacancies, but you will need to pay in advance of the sitting at the church. The secretary can be contacted on 07910 335763.  

At a private sitting and with all messages from a medium, you should remember that this is not fortune telling. The evidence is to prove to you that your loved ones are still alive in another dimension, and that this gives them the opportunity to talk to you, just as they would by letter or a telephone call.

Do not tell the medium anything about yourself, the evidence comes from them telling you, not the other way around.

Although your loved ones may give you advice, you should bear in mind, that they are little different than when they were on the earth plane, especially if they have not been in the spirit world a long time. They have not suddenly become ‘all-knowing’. So you should treat their advice in the same way as you would if they were still here. Consider what they say, but make up your own mind.

Enjoy your Private Sitting!